Elena Kremlidou's advice for New Year's underwear

Elena Kremlidou

Elena Kremlidou wanted to give a piece of advice to her social media followers for the New Year. The Instagrammer maintains a very active presence on social media and daily she shares videos and photos from her life with her followers on Instagram, as well as TikTok.

In fact, she often makes sure to advise the women who follow her through her profile, on various issues of everyday life.

This time, she wanted to clarify for them... what underwear they should wear on New Year's Day. After all, the myth is known that if someone wears red underwear during the change of time, then they will have a better love life.

However, Elena Kremlidou thought it right to "clarify" that we are not talking about any red underwear, but about a... new and unbearable one!

“Girls, many of you today want to try the red underwear trick to make your love life go well in the coming year. But there is a mini secret. You shouldn't put on just any pair of panties, but a brand new, unwearable one, that's the point. Red panties, new and unwearable. You have time to go shopping. Come on and good luck," she can be heard saying in the video he posted on TikTok.

She even revealed that she has done it herself and succeeded!

Check out her post:

@elena_mariposa_Εγώ το έκανα και λειτούργησε πάντως 😈♬ original sound - Elena Kremlidou

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