"The elections will be held at the right time and wages are increasing," says State Minister Skertsos

Minister of State Akis Skertsos elections

Greek State Minister Akis Skertsos said in an interview on Monday with MEGA TV that "we are now in an elections year, having completed, I believe, a successful term of governance, which has managed to bring significant results for our country as regards incomes, investments and the economy."

After all, he added, "it is the prime minister's exclusive privilege to decide when the elections will be held and this is something we should respect... the elections will be held at the right time, the prime minister... will make the announcements at the proper time."

Regarding the support measures, Skertsos noted that the minimum wage had been increased twice and will increase a third time due to the good performance of the economy, adding that the relevant announcements will be made in the first two months of 2023.

On the high prices, he pointed out that these were an international phenomenon, while adding that "Greece was in a better state than the other European countries, as inflation is dropping faster in Greece and the measures we have taken have greatly contributed to this. Measures both for the support of incomes and to invigorate competition".

Asked about the case of former European Parliament vice president Eva Kaili, he acknowledged that this "has done a lot of damage in Greece and in the EU, to the trust we should have in European institutions and in the political system in general".

Skertsos noted that it was "a big stain" and "we should all engage in self criticism and strengthen mechanisms for self-cleansing and control within the parties.

The big parties, in particular, he noted, "are a mirror of society, there cannot be a totally clean party in which you will not observe phenomena of corruption.

What is required is a clear cut position regarding such phenomena and an absolute decision that such behaviours have no place and cannot be allowed".

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