How will the weather be on Epiphany in Greece - Where will it rain?


Until Friday, the day of Epiphany, the weather does not change significantly in Greece. Light to moderate winds will persist and temperatures will range above normal. However, rains are expected for the weekend in the west, south and in the Eastern Aegean.

The weather on Epiphany will be good throughout the country, with a chance of local rain in the Ionian Sea.

In the rest of the country, generally clear weather with a few temporary clouds. In the morning and evening hours, the visibility in continental areas will be locally limited.

The winds will blow west northwest 3 to 4 and temporarily on the southern coasts locally 5 Beaufort. From the evening they will turn to westerlies with the same intensity. The temperature will not change appreciably.

The weather today -

  • Almost clear with only a few clouds
  • Local fogs in the morning in the continental areas
  • On the weekend a few rains in the west, south and east of the Aegean
  • The temperature will reach 16 degrees in the north, in the rest of the regions 18 to 19 degrees Celsius
  • Winds will not exceed 4 to 5 Beaufort on the seas and locally in the southeast 5 to 6 Beaufort

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