THESSALONIKI: Drag Queen who read fairytales to children almost went to jail for relationship with a minor - "Those who reacted should not be parents"

thessaloniki drag queen

A video of the Drag Queen RawBee Candles admitting to almost going to jail for having a relationship with a teenager has created a huge uproar all across Greece.

The drag queen came into the Greek public spotlight after reading fairytales to children in Thessaloniki recently, but in a video uploaded to social media, the drag queen revealed some disturbing details.

In the said video, the Drag Queen said the incident happened when she was younger age and before the "transformation". RawBee Candles then admits the teenager in question was 15 years old, and for this reason the drag queen "almost went to jail".

There has been an uproar in the comments on Twitter.

It is recalled that many parents with their children, as well as representatives from political parties, attended the event organised by Thessaloniki Pride on December 30. The drag queen read fairy tales to children aged 3 to 13.

The event was initially planned to take place at a private daycare centre in Kalamaria. However, due to the large participation and reactions, the organisers changed the venue.

Speaking to ANT1 today, RawBee Candles responded to parents' reactions to this initiative, saying that these parents "have no light in them" and "therefore they should not have children".

"There were about 30 children with their parents in the room. We started with their names, their favourite colour, to break the ice and get into a mood. The reading of the fairytale followed, and after that we asked the children how they felt and everyone was very happy," she initially said.

Asked afterwards if any children had questioned why she was painted or about her clothes, the drag queen said: "I didn't go to this event to sexualise the children or to tell them anything about my own sexuality orientation."

"I went to this event as an artist to read a fairytale to the children in a theatrical way and I think the children understood that. We used the LGBTI flag to ask the kids what their favorite colour was and then asked them if they knew what that flag was," she said afterwards.

Regarding the reactions that arose, she replied: "These reactions all respond by themselves. All people are free to express their opinion in any way they want in public. Nevertheless, it is up to each person to have developed a critical faculty to be able to judge what is an opinion and what is not."

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