Turkish media disturbed by "I Don't Forget Cyprus" signs in Greece

TUrkish media

Turkish media are bothered by signs, placed in various parts of Greece, which serve as a reminder that Turkey continues to occupy the northern part of Cyprus. Turkish media speak of "dirty propaganda" by Greece, describing it as "arrogance" by not recognising the occupation.

What triggered media in Turkey were signs that were placed in the past, mainly at the initiative of Cypriot Associations.

"Greece, which seeks a single state solution while ignoring the 'Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus' (TRNC) in Cyprus, continues its arrogant attitude. The Greeks, who did not accept the 'peace operation' of 1974 in Cyprus, continue to present it as drowned in blood," commented the Haber7.

"The signs reflect the provocative attitude of Greece, which itself endangered the peace in Cyprus. Dirty propaganda is being carried out in Greek cities, with the depiction of the region of the 'TRNC' bloodied on the map of the island,' writes the newspaper Aydınlık.

The newspaper speaks of "seeds of hatred planted in Greek society" with the specific signs found in Kavala, Alexandroupolis, Thessaloniki and elsewhere.

"On signs posted in various parts of Greece, the map of the 'TRNC' is painted in blood. With the expression: 'I don't forget Cyprus' they want to instill hatred in Greek society," claimed a report on A Haber.

The newspaper Yeni Akit presents the photo of the former Turkish MP Şevki Yılmaz, in front of the "I Don't Forget" sign outside Kavala, and what he claimed on social networks that these signs "sow the seeds of hatred in Greek society".

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