Christos Staikouras named "Finance Minister of the Year 2023"

Greek Finance Minister Christos Staikouras

Christos Staikouras was recognised as Finance Minister of the Year 2023 for Europe by the Financial Times Group's magazine 'The Banker' on Tuesday.

In a statement, the Greek finance minister called it a "distinction for Greece, which reflects the international community's recognition and approval for the country's progress and performance in the critical and repeatedly challenged field of the economy in recent years."

He said that the award "constitutes a recognition of the sacrifices of the Greek people, the adaptability and resilience of Greek businesses, and the hard work of the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis."

As a result, he noted, "this is an award that belongs to all: state, citizens, and businesses."

Meanwhile, Staikouras said last Thursday that the government will help the citizens to the point it does not affect the state budget.

"It has been proved that in the last three years we have been rationally managing public finances and because the Greek economy is doing well, fiscal space is being created. This fiscal space that is created, returns back to society," he said.

"I estimate that fiscal space will also be created in the first half of 2023. If created, it will return to society and will not have anything to do with the elections," the minister continued.

Speaking to MEGA TV about the reduction of VAT on basic food items decided by the Spanish government, the minister commented that "the economic policy is not implemented with one but with a combination of measures".

And he mentioned that "Greece is reducing taxes, has abolished the solidarity levy, in the last few days I spoke with public sector employees who, for the first time, saw a permanent increase in their salaries".

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