Retired Colonel Coşkun Başbuğ: "Let's send the Anadolu aircraft carrier to Crete and terrorise Greece"

Anadolu Aircraft Carrier Coşkun Başbuğ

The mission of the aircraft carrier (helicopter carrier) TCG Anadolu is to "terrorise and warn Greece," according to retired Turkish colonel Coşkun Başbuğ.

Başbuğ made his own assessment of Turkey's new aircraft carrier, as reported by OPEN TV correspondent Maria Zaharaki from Istanbul, and proposed to send the TCG Anadolu-type amphibious helicopter carrier to Crete and the Aegean Sea.

The retired colonel highlighted the fact that it will be the first Turkish warship with the ability to carry a significant number of unmanned aircraft, such as the TB2 Bayraktar and the upcoiming TB-3 version, as well as the Kızılelma type unmanned combat aircraft.

"Greece is trying to do things beyond the boycott that America gave it. America also intends to use Greece against Turkey. Due to the events in the Sea of ​​Islands (the Aegean Sea), I think the first mission will be off Crete, to send a message to both countries (ie Greece and the USA)," he said.

Başbuğ went on to say: “I am waiting for him to be assigned the first mission in the place where the Eastern Mediterranean meets the Sea of ​​Islands (I do not say the Aegean). Turkey will give the message that 'I am ready for everything and I am here in response to these steps.'

"Why does Greece have the audacity to extend its territorial waters to 12 miles in March," the retired colonel said.

At this point he said: “I think it would be our duty both to terrify them after this statement and also to warn Greece and certain organisations about the latest developments in the region. This is what I think, the navy will decide better. We will see and we will all see it together."

At the same time, Başbuğ also noted that there are developments regarding some drilling in the eastern Mediterranean.

"In case of emergency in Libya, the immediate direction of Anatolia may be to the north of Africa. Because there are some dirty cases in Libya too," he said.

"There are the operations carried out by France and the incomprehensible things done by Greece. Taking all that into account, I think the second mission will be off Libya," the retired colonel concluded.

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