Historic town of Monemvasia to acquire cable car

Με κόκκινο σημειώνεται η περιοχή επέμβασης για την κατασκευή τελεφερίκ Με κίτρινο η περιοχή διαδρομών 1

The construction of a cable car to the upper quarters of the historic castle town of Monemvasia was included in the Culture Ministry’s program with the European Recovery and Resiliency Fund and has been budgeted at 6,800,360 euros.

“Universal accessibility to monuments and archaeological sites, particularly those which record high numbers of visitors, is a priority for the Culture and Sports Ministry,” said minister Lina Mendoni.

“Monemvasia is an important destination apart from its unique historical and archaeological significance. The cable car will facilitate not just access to the upper quarters and the temple of Agia Sofia (whose renovations have been heavily supported by the ministry) but will allow people with disabilities and, more generally, people with difficulties to approach the significant monuments of the castle town,” she added.

The cable car will also allow the emergency services to reach the castle town's top rapidly.

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