Greece had one of the lowest retail electricity rates in Europe in December

greece greek electricity rates

Environment and Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas announced that Greece recorded one of the cheapest retail electricity prices in Europe in December.

In particular, the ministry's statement pointed out that according to the Household Energy Price Index throughout Europe, Greece recorded the third lowest retail price for electricity among European states that have variable-rate energy plans, as is the case for more than 90% of Greek households.

According to the ministry:

-  In December, the average price per kilowatt hour in Greece was 0.25 euros, much lower than the European average, which was 0.3865 euros, but lower than in countries with mature energy markets, such as Spain (0.348 euros), Italy (0.466 euros), Britain (0.488 euros) and Germany (0.509 euros).

- Regarding natural gas for domestic consumers, Greece ranked 14th among the countries with the lowest rates, out of a total of 28 countries, as the price in the country for December 2022 was 0.1333 euros/KWh, lower than the average price of the EU, which was at 0.1509 euros/KWh.

The Minister of Environment and Energy, Kostas Skrekas, said: "For another month, the effectiveness of government policy brings Greece among the countries with the cheapest retail electricity rates, throughout Europe.

"For many months, without interruption, according to HEPI's indisputable data, the price of electricity for Greek households has remained at affordable levels, despite the long-term duration of the devastating war in Ukraine and the energy crisis it has triggered, with painful consequences for many European countries.

"The best response to the opposition's nihilistic criticism is given by independent institutions with European-wide prestige.

"Our government, true to its commitments to Greek citizens, will continue to support households, professionals and farmers for as long as the unprecedented energy crisis in Europe lasts."

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