Mitsotakis decides elections in Greece "looking" at Turkey, claims Hürriyet

Mitsotakis turkish media

"Mitsotakis' concern is the elections in Turkey", claimed Turkish pro-government newspaper Hürriyet on its frontpages, even referring to the upcoming elections in Greece and how they - according to the article - will be influenced by the polls in Turkey.

"In Greece, which is preparing to go to elections in the spring, attention is turning to the date of the elections in Turkey, which is expected to be announced soon. The Mitsotakis government wants the elections in the two countries not to overlap," reported the newspaper.

It also noted that the Greek prime minister wants to set the elections in his country depending on the date that they will be held in Turkey, especially after the announcement by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's for an early election.

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"If the elections coincide, tension can suddenly escalate due to mutual harsh rhetoric. In the period of 1.5 months between the first and the second electoral process in Greece, a provisional government will be formed, in which the current prime minister and the ministers will be replaced", writes Hürriyet.

The Turkish outlet cites Greek publications according to which Turkey could take advantage of the period between the two elections to create tensions.

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