Monica Bellucci: "I'm not obsessed with my weight, I've always been a curvy woman"

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci poses for the new cover of the German magazine MADAME in a stunning transparency proving that femininity has no age. The 58-year-old beauty remains undeniably one of the most glamorous women in the entire world and is adored for her sophistication and beauty by millions.

The Italian woman with the incomparable charm spoke to the German magazine about femininity, feminism, as well as the clichés in beauty standards.

"Feminism for me means being able to feel comfortable with my femininity," the actress said, among other things.

At another point in the interview, she talked about her weight and the relationship she has with her body.

"I'm not obsessed with my weight. I've always been a curvy woman, never thin, that's my nature. And I want to grow old peacefully. When you are 50 or 60 you don't have the same needs as when you were 20," she said.

"The big change comes when you have children. You stop being the centre of attention and come second. This gives us another perspective," Bellucci continued.

As she made it clear, she is not willing to waste her years following strict and exhausting diets, nor will she spend loads of time in the gym, all just to have a permanent anxiety about her image.

Of course, she loves herself and takes care of herself, doing pilates to keep in shape, and just watching her diet for a few days if she feels like she's gone beyond what she considers 'ideal'.

The actress confessed that she now sees the passage of time as something that has a positive impact on her life.

"There are many different moments in one's life. When you are young, you have the beauty of youth, the beauty of a biological moment in your life. But life goes on," the Italian beauty said.

Monica Bellucci is the mother of two daughters, 18-year-old Deva and 12-year-old Léonie, whom she had with her ex-husband, Vincent Cassel.

Although the couple has been separated since 2013, they maintain a very good relationship for the sake of their children.

"We have been separated for many years, but when you are a parent, you are a parent forever. It is beautiful to have a good relationship for our children. We meet whenever we can," said the Italian actress.

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