Pro-Turkish Pakistani's raised a drone over the Greek parliament!

Pakistani syntagma square

Pro-Turkish Pakistanis recently uploaded a video of a drone flying over the Greek parliament.

"It is unimaginable what is happening inside the capital of the Greek state, while the staff state is snoring," News Break reported.

New Year's Eve in Syntagma, the most central point of the whole country for the changing of the year, hundreds of Pakistanis gathered.

As you can see in the "infuriating video", as News Break described it, uploaded to a TikTok account, shows a drone in the heart of Athens and over the Greek parliament, without anyone bothering them!

Everyone knows the close cooperation at all levels between the sister countries of Turkey and Pakistan, with Islamabad even declaring in the past that in the event of a war involving Greece, it would side with Ankara.

The question raised by News Break is: "With so many policemen on the street, especially on New Year's Day in the city center, is it possible to allow Pakistanis to fly a drone over the parliament?"

As the Stavrofos Twitter account highlighted, "Anyone who enters the profile [of the uploader] will see videos of knives, iron fists and money. One of them is musically framed with the Turkish trap track 'Turkum', which is dedicated to the strength of the Turkish army."

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