Alexia Traiko responds to allegations that GNTM was rigged (VIDEO)

Alexia Traiko, Aléksia Trajko

Alexia Traiko (Aléksia Trajko) is the 19-year-old beauty who won last season's Greece's Next Top Model (GNTM) and, among other things, the cash prize of 50,000 euros.

The young woman from Thessaloniki, originally from Albania, decided to hold a Q&A on Instagram, inviting her social media followers to ask her any question they want.

Many asked her if the reality show was rigged. The model's response came via video, in which she says:

“You guys generally ask me a lot if GNTM was rigged. Generally everything you saw was true whether we argued or talked. It was all our own opinion, what we wanted to say with our own will. Nobody ever told us to say anything."

Watch the video:

As for whether she had considered giving up and leaving, Traiko replied: “There was a lot of pressure/stress/fatigue but it never crossed my mind to quit. In general, in my life I have learned to never give up, to do everything to the end, and this is what I advise you to always do."

Along with the title of GNTM, the young model also won the important cash prize of 50,000 euros, an annual contract with Dust and Cream, a two-year scholarship for any specialty chosen at IEK, jewelry worth 20,000 euros from the Georg Jensen company and a Citroen Ami car.

Alexia Traiko is one of the contestants who managed to impress the judges, right from the auditions, thus managing to win the coveted ticket to the model competition house.

The young woman stood out with her poses, her personality, her hair and her walk on the catwalk, as a result of which she received a unanimous "yes" from all four judges.

Watch the video from the auditions:

She comes from Albania, but grew up in Thessaloniki, where she lives permanently.

Although 19 years old, the young woman has managed to have three years of professional experience in the field of fashion, having booked many important jobs, from photoshoots to catwalks.

Despite her passion for modeling, as she has stated, she also loves dancing, which she has been involved in since a very young age. In fact, she takes part in Hip-Hop, Salsa, Bachata and High Heels competitions.

Her motto is "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" and the young winner of the TV modeling competition always wants to strive for the best possible result in her life.

"I started very funny with modeling, I didn't expect it. I knew a kid who got into photography, he wanted to try things, we went out for a coffee and you know we took pictures in a grocery store," she said in the audition.

"Great photos came out there, we uploaded them and they went really well. I'm not afraid to do things, I know the result will be amazing," she added.

"When I'm in front of the camera I feel strong, I feel like a different person, I feel like I'm not the classic Alexia and I take on another form” the GNTM winner had emphasised in the audition.

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