The actress Elli Loizou died

Elli Loizou

Elli Loizou, who featured in several Greek films and TV series, passed away after two weeks of hospitalisation. The actress, in addition to her career in old Greek cinema and television, devoted time and money to care for stray animals.

As a friend of the actress wrote in announcing the death of Elli Loizou: "Our Elli, left us today. Our Elli, who loved the unfortunate four-legged animals so much that she cared for them and offered them a corner in her house. The animals were her children, who offered them dignity, joy, medical care.

"Elli did not hesitate to leave and go to Australia, America, Europe, all over Greece as soon as she received a call that there was a four-legged friend that needed to be saved. She spent fortunes on the animals, and her four-legged friends showed their immense gratitude.

"Four-legged animals that were about to die, thrown in the garbage, are still alive. At 14, 15, 16. Her longevity is thanks to them, they didn't want to see her cry over them.

"To Madan's life partner courage and strength. Madan you know that we are by your side to manage the situation together. Courage.

"For the rest of you who didn't know our Elli up close, you know her through the movies she played, and the songs she performed with her immense sensitivity.

"Have a nice trip Elli. You suffered for a long time and left yourself neglected in order not to miss your children, as you said.

"We will all miss you now."

See one of Elli Loizou's appearances

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