Epiphany 2023: Thessaloniki man caught the Cross for the 18th time!

Epiphany 2023 Thessaloniki

With the participation of 28 people, including a woman and a 13-year-old, the throwing of the Cross into Thermaikos was held for the Epiphany in Thessaloniki.

The Cross was caught by 39-year-old computer technician, Michalis Apostolidis from Neapolis, who, as he stated, has done it 17 more times (18 including today).

He declared himself proud to have caught the cross for the 18th time, revealing that he has been diving continuously since 1996, with the exception of the two years of the coronavirus.

Especially in Thermaikos, Apostolidis has caught the cross four times, adding that every time he succeeds, the year goes well.

The 28 participants in the race for the Cross fell into Thermaikos from a floating boat.

In order to ensure safety, ships of the Coast Guard, the Fire Brigade and the Greek Rescue Team were sailing nearby. At the end of the ceremony, the Metropolitan of Thessaloniki, Anthimos, made "well-wishes with health and good luck for the homeland".

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