Epiphany in Ioannina: The throwing of the Cross in an eerie landscape (VIDEO)

ioannina epiphany 2023

In a foggy setting, the Blessing of the Water and the throwing of the Holy Cross into the waters of Lake Pamvotida in Ioannina took place with a crowd of people watching the Epiphany ceremony despite the bad weather.

A total of 17 brave swimmers dived into the waters of the lake, including a woman, with the Cross being held by 21-year-old Christos Goundas, who dived for the first time this year in the icy waters of Pamvotida.

Both 21-year-old Christos and the others who dived received the blessing of the Metropolitan of Ioannina, Maximou, who said the following:

"Let's wish everyone a happy new year and blessed with the illumination of the Holy Spirit and may God give health and peace to our country, our nation and the whole world. Happy and blessed birthday and let each of us, from our position of responsibility where we live and create, do our best so that we have love, unity and prosperity".

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