Hürriyet: Fake news about the Farmakonissi incident on its front page


On Saturday, the newspaper Hürriyet distorted the truth, and in line with the provocative rhetoric of the Ankara regime, regarding the incident in Farmakonisi when a Turkish sailor harassed a Greek Coast Guard vessel - the latter responded with warning shots.

Specifically, Hürriyet mentions "Provocation, harassment and panic in the Aegean", focusing on the fact that "a Greek boat shot at Turkish fishermen".

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According to the Turks' interpretation of what happened in Farmakonisi, Hürriyet reported that "a Greek vessel of the Greek Coast Guard harassed the Turkish fishermen off the coast of Didyma and fired a warning shot. As soon as Turkey responded immediately, fear and panic set in Athens."

The incident in Farmakonissi is another link in a long chain that starts in the distant past.

"As long as Turkey does not change its stance, such incidents will continue," Coast Guard officials said on Proto Thema on Friday .

In recent months, the number of border incidents with Turkish offshore vessels related to violations of Greek territorial waters amounts to 50 and concern the entire wider area of ​​the eastern Aegean from the Evros Delta to Megisti, according to Coard Guard sources cited by Proto Thema.

The videos released by Proto Thema from the incident in Farmakonissi debunk the claims made by the Turks.

See the dangerous maneuvers of the Turkish operators

They don't hesitate to pass close to the Greek boat

With their maneuvers, the Turks are even putting their lives at risk

The actions of the Turkish ship operators are provocative

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