Unemployment in Greece at 11.4%, according to Eurostat


The unemployment rate in the eurozone remained steady at 6.5% in November 2022 compared to October, recording the lowest level since 1998, Eurostat data released on Monday showed.

In the eurozone, the unemployment rate a year ago (November 2021) was 7.1%. In Greece, the unemployment rate in November registered a decrease to 11.4% from 11.5% in October and 13.1% in November 2021.

In the EU the unemployment rate remained steady at 6% in November, compared to October, compared to 6.5% a year ago (November 2021).

Eurostat estimates that 12.950 million men and women in the EU, of which 10.849 million in the euro area, were unemployed in November 2022.

The unemployment rate was higher among women in Greece, at 14.7% in November 2022, compared to 8.7% for men. Eurostat estimates that in Greece in November 2022 there were 528,000 unemployed from 534,000 in October.

The highest unemployment rate in the EU is recorded in Spain (12.4%) followed by Greece with (11.4%). The lowest unemployment rates in the EU are recorded in the Czech Republic (2.2%), Poland and Germany (3%).

As for the youth unemployment rate (under 25), it was 15.1% in the EU and the eurozone in November 2022, up from 15% in the previous month. In Greece the youth unemployment rate rose to 31.3% in November from 27.9% in October. In November 2021 the youth unemployment rate was at 32.3%.

Greece has the second highest youth unemployment rate in the EU, after Spain (32.3%). The lowest rate of youth unemployment is recorded in Germany (5.8%) and the Netherlands (7.8%).

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