Former Patriarch of Jerusalem Irenaios has passed away

Patriarch of Jerusalem Irenaios

The former Patriarch of Jerusalem Irenaios, who had been facing serious health problems for years, passed away.

With his post, Archimandrite Timotheus Iliakis made known the news of the death of the former Patriarch who had been deposed from after complaints about mismanagement of the finances of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem and for some buying and selling of church property in the Holy Land.

Father Timotheus Iliakis, who became more widely known as the spiritual father of Andreas Papandreou and Dimitra Liani-Papandreou, says on his Facebook:

"The former Patriarch Irenaios of Jerusalem, the long-suffering, benevolent, sanctified by the great Cross he lifted and flew to Heaven. He endured with Joveian patience and bravery the wickedness of people and indeed those whom he benefited, he blessed everyone and did not take offense," he said.

"As a genuine Agiotaphite, he should have been in Jerusalem to be buried next to the Patriarchs of Jerusalem, but even here pettiness, malice and envy, but it doesn't matter, he is honored by God and the People who loved him and stood by him.

"More about the funeral and burial will be announced during the day."

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