The shortest flight in Greece takes less than 5 minutes!

short flight shortest flights Sky Express ATR42 at Karpathos Airport (Photo: Thomas Ludwig, BSc).

Until a few years ago, Greece held the record for the shortest flight in the world. And that's because you actually stay in the air for not even five minutes. Another 15 minutes is accounted for in the schedule, but this for the time to get in and out of the plane.

We are of course talking about the flight that connects the island of Kasos with Karpathos in the Dodecanese.

The two islands are only 19.3 kilometres apart, yet they are connected by air, which makes traveling a breeze for anyone wishing to go from one to the other. The airport of Kasos is right next to the sea and the planes that fly to and from there are clearly smaller than what we are used to.

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This particular trip is an amazing experience, and in fact there are many who film the whole thing!

Naturally, you will wonder which flight could be shorter than Kasos-Karpathos. The truth is that it is not one, but two!

The flight from Caye Chapel to Caye Caulker in the Caribbean takes two minutes, while the shortest on the planet is Westray to Papa Westray in Scotland, where you get on the plane for only 47 seconds!

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