Thrace: Pro-Turkey and Erdoğan graffiti in the village of Savra

pro-turkey graffiti savra

Residents of the village of Savra in Western Thrace were confronted with the provocative actions of unknown people, who on Epiphany, wrote pro-Turkey slogans around the church and in other places.

As can be seen in the photos published by Evros News, the people had written with red spray paint the words "Erdoğan" and "Tourkai" around the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Demetrius, in a shop that has been closed for years, at a bus stop and in other places of the village.

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For now, the perpetrators and their motives remain unknown while the police are conducting an investigation into the case.

It is noted that the majority of residents living in the village are elderly , although there are also some young Muslims. But because Christians and Muslims have been living harmoniously in Savra for many decades, obviously all possibilities are being considered.

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