Turkish analyst: "Let's send the TCG ANADOLU aircraft carrier between Crete and Rhodes"


The Turkish helicopter carrier TCG ANADOLU should sail between the Greek islands of Crete and Rhodes in order to prevent a possible extension of Greek territorial waters to 12 nautical miles was suggested by the professor of the Strategic Research Department of Altinbas University, Eray Güçlüer.

Speaking to Haber Turk, about the capabilities of the newly built amphibious operations ship, Güçlüer pointed out that the location of TCG ANADOLU is not in the Aegean Sea due to its close proximity to the Greek islands, but some "strategic position" near Crete.

"There is incorrect and false information in the press that TCG ANADOLU cannot go out to the Aegean. No, gentlemen, it can go out in the Aegean and it goes everywhere," he commented.

"But because the continental shelf in the Aegean and the distance between the islands is close, I, as a military man, would not use it in the Aegean," the professor continued.

"Instead, if it were me, I would keep it in a strategic position to the south of Crete, from where it will be able to intervene in the Aegean, the Eastern Mediterranean and Africa," Güçlüer said.

He even "sees" the extension of Greek territorial waters to 12 nm... north and east of Crete, after having preceded to the south of the island, characterising the "insidious step" against Turkey and requesting that the TCG ANADOLU sail immediately in the adjacent sea area.

"Greece's next step, that is the insidious step they have planned in the background, is after they extend the 12 miles to the south of Crete, to extend them to the east and to the north as well, so that Crete joins Rhodes," he commented when speaking to Haber Turk.

"This is how they become Greek territorial waters. But if we put TCG ANADOLU right in the middle, now Greece has no luck with the 12 miles," the professor commented.

He himself had recently spoken of an "invasion" of the Greek islands, because - according to him - they hear on their Turkish coasts... roosters from Lesvos, Samos, Chios, etc.

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