ATHENS: Man illegally held woman in his house and raped her for three days

rape sexual assault man

A 35-year-old Egyptian man was arrested at midday on Monday in the Athens neighbourhood of ​​Agios Panteleimon by police for kidnapping, rape and theft.

The Egyptian is accused of abducting and illegally holding a 32-year-old woman from Bulgaria in his apartment from January 6 until January 9, forcing her to perform sexual acts with the threat of endangering the lives of her children, Proto Thema reported.

In the morning hours of Monday, when the 32-year-old escaped from the apartment, she went to the Panteleimon Security Department and reported the criminal acts against her to police officers.

The police officers identified the accused and after searches in the wider area, located him and arrested him. In addition, the 35-year-old had stolen the victim's identity card.

The arrested person was taken to the Criminal Prosecutor of Athens.

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