Romy.Productions: Greek-Australian DJ viral on TikTok for remixing Sfakianakis and Mitropanos classics

Romy.Productions TikTok

On social media, but especially TikTok, you can find anything you want. Everyone's home page is very different, and since there are millions of users, there are many video topics. However, in the last few days, a young Greek-Australian DJ has gone viral for his remixes of Greek classics.

This is Romy.Productions, or Vas Roumeliotis, originally from Greece who lives in Melbourne, Australia. The young man involved in music has been remixing songs for months, mainly house and techno music, giving a different feel to many tracks.

However, the videos that have traveled the most in Greece are the ones that tried to change Greek songs. And especially "Rosa", a song performed in 1996 by Dimitris Mitropanos with music by Thanos Mikroutsikos and lyrics by Alkis Alkaiou. There is no one who does not know this song.

So what did Romy do? He took Rosa and techno-remixed it, creating an effect that was - if nothing else - strange. Many like it, as they say in the comments, while others emphasise "not to mess with such songs and spoil them." Replying to @Alexi Karakatsains ela re #greek #remix #producer #minimal #techno #melbourne #roza #clubbing #dj ♬ original sound - Romy.Productions

The first song he tried to tease, however, is Noti Sfakianakis' Stratos, again giving a very special... twist to the 1996 song. "Well done Leventi, make more Greek remixes," someone wrote to him. this is ittt #dj #remix #producer #greekmusic #clubbing #festival #minimal #techno ♬ original sound - Romy.Productions

It seems that he really likes Notis Sfakianakis as he tried to change another one of his songs, the famous "My Body" which was also released in the same year as Rosa and Stratos. Somaaaa mou #producer #dj #greek #remix #minimal #techno #clubbing #trending ♬ original sound - Romy.Productions

His tracks are on SoundCloud for anyone who wants to listen to them outside of TikTok with Romy.Productions having over 4 million streams.

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