Nikos Pappas could be the next Mayor of Athens

Nick Pappas Syriza

Panathinaikos Athens shooting guard Nikos Pappas has a possibility on the table to start a political career, according to Aftodioikisi. gr.

Alexis Tsipras, the leader of SYRIZA, a left-wing political party in Greece, submitted his proposal to Pappas about a month ago in order to finish his basketball career and enter the political arena against Kostas Bakoyannis as a candidate for Mayor of Athens.

Bakoyannis is a current Athens' Mayor who serves his duties since September 2019.

Via the Greek media outlet report, Pappas is very close to accepting Tsipras' proposal.

Nikos Pappas, 32, allegedly asked Alexis Tsipras to announce his candidacy himself. Moreover, he requested the SYRIZA party to declare its support for him.

Pappas' move is rather surprising since he has appeared and participated in several events organized by the Greek Communist Party. The current PAO player is regarded as one of the most politically and socially sensitive Greek athletes.

Greek political experts consider that the candidacy of Pappas is aimed at wider social strata.