Greece and Cyprus are top destinations for British holidaymakers

Cyprus Ayia Napa

According to a survey by the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), Cyprus and Greece are among the ten most popular destinations for British holidaymakers this year.

The sunny Mediterranean island landed tenth on a list of the 23 most desirable destinations for Britons planning a holiday.

Publishing its Top 23 for 23’, ABTA identified the 23 most popular destinations people say they plan to visit this year.

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Staying closer to home seems to be the preference for most people, with a large proportion of the list being short to mid-haul destinations such as Spain, Turkey, and the UAE.

But destinations including the USA, Mexico, Thailand, and Australia continue to have their draw as long-haul favourites.

Spain is the most popular choice, followed by the USA, France, Italy, and Greece.

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