The Highest Achievers of 2022 Awarded by the Greek Community of Melbourne

The Highest Achievers of 2022 Awarded by the Greek Community of Melbourne

Students who excelled in their VCE exams were awarded on Tuesday, 20 December, at The Greek Centre. The event, organised by the Greek Community of Melbourne (GCM), aimed to bring together all the students and parents of the wider Greek community to celebrate their academic achievements and the tenacity they’ve shown.

Amongst others who congratulated the students was GCM President Bill Papastergiadis - who praised them on their performance; he said

“The GCM has education as its core service offering. In that regard, the GCM is expanding its awards night by recognising not only VCE students that excelled in modern Greek and ancient Greek subjects but also numerous other students that achieved high scores across all the subjects available at VCE.

Tonight’s event welcomes these students and their families to our 15-storey cultural centre, and we encourage them to join the GCM in its broad range of events. Our future as an organisation and as a community rests with our next-generation leaders, and hopefully, many of these high achievers will be a part of this group.

“We thank Minister Brooks for attending this event and making our organisation one of his first ports of call since his appointment to this portfolio. The Government has strongly supported our education and cultural initiatives, and we look forward to partnering on many more exciting enterprises.”

Dr Nick Dallas, convenor of the GCM’s education committee, also congratulated the students for their efforts and success and stated, “A large part of today’s event is to celebrate those students who excelled in Modern Greek. The fact that we have students who are the third, fourth and fifth generation and continue to do Greek to such a high level is admirable. You should be proud of this achievement; you are our future language ambassadors and educators. The other cohort invited today is those of Greek background that excelled in specific subjects. We wish you every success in your future field of study. But we’d like to encourage all our students today to continue to engage with their identity, and language is often the key. That’s the strength of multiculturalism in our state, people have diverse backgrounds, and they’re all encouraged to celebrate them, no matter what they are. Continue to engage with the Greek Community, become members, attend their events, volunteer for projects, and give back to your community; you’ll feel better for it.”

Minister for Multicultural Affairs, the Hon. Colin Brooks also attended the awards ceremony and stated he was “proud to be here tonight, at [his] first Greek Event” since his receiving his new position. The Minister further welcomed everyone with a Kalispera before going on to acknowledge the challenges that this cohort of VCE students have faced in recent years, but also made a point to congratulate all the students in attendance for their hard work and their success. Minister Brooks also thanked the GCM for hosting this event and inviting him to his first trip to The Greek Centre.

The GCM once again congratulates the students of VCE 2022 for their success and thanks all the teachers and the families of the students for their efforts.

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