Thessaloniki: Thief was arrested when he reported to police the phone he lost during a burglary

greek police car Thessaloniki

A 27-year-old thief in Thessaloniki fell into a trap that he accidentally set for himself when he went to the police to find a mobile phone he lost while burglarising a convenience store, which led to his arrest.

According to Thestival, everything started on Tuesday morning in the area of ​​Kalamaria. The 27-year-old, together with his accomplice, broke the window of a convenience store and stole the cash register drawer and two cartons of cigarettes.

Unfortunately for them, they were noticed by the son of the shop owner, who followed them on foot. The 27-year-old thief, in his attempt to escape, threw the stolen goods. However, he accidentally threw away his mobile phone on the street.

The phone was then handed over to the Kalamaria Security Department as proof of the crime.

A little while later, the 27-year-old thief went to the same Department, as he said he was looking for his lost mobile phone. As it emerged from the investigation by the police officers of the Kalamaria Security Department, it was one of the two perpetrators of the theft. He was promptly arrested.

The arrested person will be taken to the competent Prosecutor while the investigations to locate and identify his accomplice continue.

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