Ukrainian Beauty: Border Guard official blasted for lavish vacation in Paris while her country is at war

Ivanna Platovska

A scandal has broken out in Ukraine because of the posts made by the State Border Guard Service spokesperson, Ivanna Platovska, from her "luxurious" vacation in Paris in the New Year.

Platovska has come under fire in recent days from the media and citizens in her country after photos she uploaded to her social media accounts (now deleted) from the French capital were deemed inappropriate and in poor taste for a wartime border guard officer .

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According to the Ukrainian Pravda, this behaviour is not something new for the spokeswoman, who has a particular weakness for social media and does not hesitate to share snapshots of her luxurious life on Instagram and Facebook.

In the previous months, while her country is at war with Russia, Platovska posted pictures from her holiday in a resort, and took part in a controversial photoshoot in a Mercedes with the name "IVANKA" written on the license plates.

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Many of Platovska's compatriots criticised her with their posts on social media.

Lawyer Maxim Zuravliov emphasised that this is an official of a country at war. “The issue here is not whether her income keeps up with this lavish lifestyle (although that is an issue as well). The issue is that the publication of such wartime photos by a person on this post is an incurable disease," he noted.

"She posted a photo from Paris and other resorts where she welcomed the new year. The world was outraged because large-scale military conflicts are unfolding in the country," writes the journalist Kostyadin Andriychuk.

An official of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine told the Ukrainian Pravda that the administration was aware of the situation and proceeded with the required actions.

"I have no right to comment on the personal life of service officials, it only concerns them. However, I can say that, regarding the developments of the last few days concerning our female official from Odessa, the service reacted immediately," the official said.

"The decisions taken concern the future of her term and the performance of her duties. Everything will be done in the framework defined by the legislation," the official added.

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In a separate comment, the official called it unfortunate that, in wartime, and when most service members are defending their country on the front lines at the risk of their lives, there are some who, not only prioritise their personal lives, but they are showing it off.

Upon the reactions, Ivanna Platovska has not yet made a statement.

30 percent of Ukraine is unemployed and 70 percent lives below the poverty line.

Despite this, she is often seen partying in the city of Odessa.

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