Athens Metro network will finally be covered with 5G phone signal

metro athens

The project to install 5th generation (5G) mobile phone equipment in both metro stations and tunnels has finally started. It is a project that in its first phase - until March 2023 - will be a pilot with the aim of finding the best technical solution, which will then be applied to the entire network.

More specifically, according to Proto Thema, during the pilot phase of the project, it is planned to install different antenna systems at the Alimos station and in the two tunnels of Ag. Dimitrios-Ilioupoli and Ilioupoli-'Alimos.

These systems will work in parallel and at the same time, making it possible to make measurements and gather data, from the conclusions of which the final technical solution will emerge.

In the next phase of the project, the technical solution that will have qualified from the pilot stage, will be implemented - within about a quarter - at the five stations and the four tunnels of the section of the Ag. Dimitrios-Elliniko, while the coverage of all stations and tunnels of the metro network with a mobile phone signal will gradually progress.

On the occasion of the launch of the project, the managing director of STASY, Athanasios Kottaras, noted: "Continuous and seamless access to communication services is an urgent need in modern societies."

"Listening to the needs of the traveling public, STASY is starting work to cover the Metro network with a mobile phone signal, so that passengers will soon be able to communicate uninterrupted during their journeys.

"This is a project that demonstrates the commitment of both STASY and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to create added value for society through the upgrading of infrastructure and services to passengers, but also a project that will increase the revenue of company".

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