Turkish media outraged by Dendias' letter to Borrell about the incident in Farmakonisi

Turkish media mitsotakis Dendias

The recent letter sent by Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias to the EU's High Representative on foreign policy, Josep Borrell, with which he was informed about the recent incident in Farmakonisi and requested the imposition of financial sanctions on Turkey, annoyed Turkish media.

In his letter, the head of Greek diplomacy referred to the incident that took place on January 5, when a Coast Guard patrol within Greek territorial waters - to identify three Turkish fishing boats that were fishing in the sea area southeast of Farmakonisi- was harassed by a Turkish vessel.

On the occasion of Dendias' letter to Borrell, Turkish pro-government media defiantly attempted to reverse the events in Farmakonisi, accusing Greece of "provocation".

Haber Global network, for their part, falsely claimed that it was Turkish fishermen being harassed by the Greek Coast Guard vessels, further claiming that Greece is practicing "complaint diplomacy" against Turkey.

"Greece made a move that distorts the harassment done by Greek coast guard vessels to Turkish fishermen in the Aegean," said the Haber Global report.

"The Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs Dendias, targeting Turkey, wrote a letter that he sent to the EU and asks for sanctions. Greece, which continues its provocative steps against Turkey, continues the diplomacy of complaints," the report continued.

""Last week, a vessel of the Greek coast guard off Didyma (Δίδυμα, Turkish: Didim), attempted to harass Turkish-flagged fishing vessels, but was prevented by Turkish Coast Guard. When the Greek forces fired into the air there were reprisals.

"The Greek press was activated to shape public opinion. It was claimed that Turkish fishermen were fishing in Greek territorial waters."

The report of the pro-government network claims that with "lies" Greece is taking advantage of the "short-term tension" incident in Farmakonisi, pressuring the EU to impose sanctions against Turkey

"Athens, which does not want its image to be damaged at the international level, resorted to the same lies. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, conveyed to the EU the short-lived tension that existed in the Aegean.

"In that letter he argues that Turkey has created a dangerous environment and increased the likelihood of an accident. He accused Ankara of escalating the tension.

"The Greek minister went so far as to threaten sanctions. He said that if there is no change in the situation, the EU will have to apply sanctions to Turkey's marine products," concludes the Haber Global report.

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