The Royal Cemetery of Tatoi is rapidly prepared for funeral of Former King Constantine: (PHOTOS)

Tatoi Former King Constantine funeral preparations in Tatoi

The crews working on the Royal Cemetery of Tatoi are racing against time to finish shaping the site by evening.

The schedule of the works was given yesterday by the renovation contractor, Petros Bakalis, who assured that the maintenance and cleaning of the site will be completed by today, late in the afternoon.

Former King Constantine funeral preparations in Tatoi

Former King Constantine funeral preparations in Tatoi

Already, as can be seen in the images published by Proto Thema, trees have been planted around the site where the former king Constantine will be buried, while the graves of his parents are also being cleaned.

In the surrounding area, the corridors have been opened on which the dignitaries will travel while the crews are cleaning the Resurrection chapel and the mausoleum.

Former King Constantine funeral preparations in Tatoi

At the same time, workers cut tree trunks which are loaded onto trucks and taken away from the hill.

At this time, the Minister of Culture and Sports, Mrs. Lina Mendoni, and the Deputy Minister of Environment, Mr. Giorgos Amyras, are inspecting the site and checking the progress of the works.

Former King Constantine funeral preparations in Tatoi

Meanwhile, the Prince and Princess of Wales are set to travel to Athens on Monday to attend the Funeral of King Constantine II of Greece according to Greek media.

While this will not be confirmed by Kensington Palace or Buckingham Palace, as the couple will attend in their private capacity, here is what we can expect from the visit.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are due to join a host of royals attending the funeral of King Constantine II. The funeral will take place at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Athens on Monday and will be followed by the Burial in the Royal Cemetery atTatoiPalace.

Princess Anne and Prince Edward are also expected to be in attendance alongside William and Kate. Constantine'sfirst cousin was Prince Philip, making King Charles his second cousin. The pair were very close and Charles even named Constantine as William's godfather.

William himself would go on to be named godfather of Constantine's first grandson, Constantine Alexios.

Constantine, who was 82 when he passed away, had been suffering from ill health for a number of years and was being treated at the private Hygeia Hospital in Athens.

The royal acceded to the Greek throne in 1964 following the death of his father, King Paul. However, he would rule for less than a decade after a military junta abolished the monarchy.

An official statement from his office on Wednesday read: "It is with deep sadness that the Royal Family announces that HM King Constantine, beloved husband, father, and brother, passed away yesterday, January 10, 2023, while being treated at ‘HYGEIA’ hospital in Greece."

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