Bessy Argyraki responds to those who angrily reacted to her joining the "mile high club"

Bessy Argyraki

Bessy Argyraki was asked the show "After Dark" where was the craziest place she has had sex, with the singer answering: "On a plane from Greece to Australia."

The clip caused angry reactions. None-the-less, Bessy Argyraki gave her own answer to those who judged her.

Through her Twitter account, she posted a photo of herself, where she is smiling. In the description of the snapshot, the singer, capitalised all the letters, wrote: “Extreme questions also need extreme answers.. For those who didn't understand. The next April Fool's joke."

See the post:

"I want you to tell me the craziest place you've had sex in any phase of your life," the presenter asked her on the show: "Shall I say it? On a plane, in business class, on a trip from Greece to Australia."

In turn, Themis Georgantas humourously stated: "You had your time, then," with the singer noting: "Well, that's why I preferred this flight! I knew we would have all the time and nothing would interrupt us."

Bessy Argyraki is a Greek pop singer who started her career in the mid 1970s and recorded albums until the mid '90s. She has represented Greece in many International festivals and won many prizes.

She has released a single and an album in Japan. The single "toshihiko" entered the Japanese Singles' TOP 10.

Argyraki is married to a doctor and she is a member of the city council in Glyfada.

The former singer is best known for representing Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 1977 and also for her covers of many European hits. Her covers include songs by France Gall, Raffaella Carrà, Kim Wilde and Dolly Parton.

During the 1970s and the '80s Argyraki was one of the most popular performers in Greece.

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