Former King Constantine's Funeral: What the International Media Wrote - Anna Maria, Spanish Reconciliation and the British Royal Family

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The farewell to former King Constantine ended with the dinner held in Hotel Grande Bretagne by the family of the deceased. A total of 17 delegations from foreign countries attended, crowned and members of royal families as well as the former king's friend.

This is how the epilogue came to an entire era that closes with the death of former King Constantine, son of Pavlos, grandson of Constantine I and great-grandson of George I and Kaiser Wilhelm II by his mother, Frederica.

And, this as the last of the protagonists of the dramatic events of the 1960s that led to the April 21 dictatorship, passed away.

Although most international media had no particular appetite for historical retrospectives and analyses, focusing on the presence of dozens of royalties, Reuters differed.

"European royalty gathered in Athens on Monday for the funeral of former King Constantine of Greece, born a prince but buried a commoner after his subjects voted to abolish the monarchy in 1974," the outlet wrote.

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People magazine was left in the absence of the British king and heir to the throne.

"In the ever-connected European royal family tree, Prince Philip was first cousins with King Constantine, and Princess Anne served as a bridesmaid at his wedding to Queen Anne-Marie. Princess Anne, 73, attended Constantine's funeral in Athens on Monday, standing in for her brother King Charles III. Likewise, Lady Gabriella Windsor was at the solemn service in Prince William's stead."

People also focused on former King Constantine's wife, Anna-Maria, commenting on the fact that she wore the same diamond cross at the funeral as the one she wore on their wedding day.

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Anne, who attended the ceremony with her husband Sir Tim Laurence, was welcomed on the steps of the Metropolitan Cathedral in Athens by Constantine's eldest son Pavlos who wore a dark suit and black tie for the occasion.

It is common for high-ranking royals in Britain to send relatives or close friends and aides to funerals on their behalf. The late Queen Elizabeth only rarely attended funerals. King Charles seems to follow the same custom and sent a member of his own family instead.

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The issue of a private funeral and not a ceremony with state honours was mentioned. Deutsche Welle is talking about a private ceremony, after the controversy that broke out.

"The last monarch died last week at the age of 82, after his health deteriorated following a stroke. Constantine was divisive figure in Greece's history and will be buried as a private citizen."

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For their part, the Spanish media focused on the reconciliation between Queen Mother Sofia and Queen Letitia after an infamous row in 2018.

At the Easter Mass held at Palma Cathedral in Majorca in 2018, Letitia and Sofia argued in front of the cameras as the then Queen of Spain, Sofia, wanted to be photographed with her granddaughters.

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The Associated Press commented on the massive turnout. With the Greek national anthem played, thousands of people began lining up well before dawn on Monday outside Athens' cathedral to pay their last respects to Greece's former and last king, Constantine, who died last week aged 82.

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Media from Denmark covered the event extensively, as Anna Maria comes from the Scandinavian country.

A TV2 royal correspondent explained that Constantine and Anna Maria are well known in Denmark and for many years the Danish Media covers family life, weddings and glamorous lifestyle.

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