George Dalaras released his new song "Gia Ta Matia Sou"! Hear it HERE first

George Dalaras

A new song was released by Greece's most beloved singer George Dalaras, in collaboration with musician Chrysostomos Karantoniou and songwriter Giorgos Kleftogiorgos. The song is titled "Gia Ta Mia Sou" (For your eyes).

Although "eyes" are frequently sung about by Dalaras, here the songwriter ingenuity proves how originality this subject can be: "Are your eyes in my heart, prayers that have burst from Hagia Sophia...".

Chrysostomos Karantoniou composed works for orchestra and solo instruments, song cycles, as well as songs that have become hits with many acclaimed lyricists and performers, and is one of the most representative composers of contemporary music.

He has distinguished himself in the "3rd competition of Greek song creation" at the Onassis Foundation's Arts and Letters Building, winning the audience prize.

Giorgos Kleftogiorgos reunites with Dalaras, who had performed the songwriters first song "In' O Dounias Paralogos", after a great career with significant hits with the greatest Greek composers and performers.

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