Ukraine crowns most searched word in Greek Wikipedia for 2022

Βικιπαίδεια Greek Wikipedia

Ukraine was the most searched entry in Greek Wikipedia last year, exceeding 700,000 views, which is a record, according to data published by the local Wikimedia Community User Group on its website on Monday.

This was followed in second place by the entry about Greece, which has a consistently high readership, while in third place came the late Queen Elizabeth II, with searches spiking after her death on September 8.

ΝΑΤΟ completes the top 10 (4), FIFA World Cup and FIFA World Cup 2022 (5th and 6th position, respectively), Agios Paisios (7), a Greek Orthodox monk of Mount Athos whose life was made into a series last year, the European Union (8), Georgios Papandreou (9), after his relationship with famous Greek actress Cybele Andrianou (14) was fictionalized in a TV series, and Eva Kaili (10), the ousted Greek MEP and European Parliament vice-president arrested by Belgian authorities over corruption allegations linked to Qatar.

The list of entries, accompanied by the number of searches, follows below:

1. Ukraine (703,339)
2. Greece (697,779)
3. Elizabeth II (506,893)
4. NATO (498,629)
5. FIFA World Cup (378,621)
6. FIFA World Cup 2022 (370,024)
7. Agios Paisios (312,788)
8. European Union (290,754)
9. Georgios Papandreou (288,599)
10. Eva Kaili (283,842)