Crete: Woman claims she was robbed by a taxi driver because she was late for work

Taxi Crete Greece

An incredible incident took place in Crete when a woman, in order to save herself from being in trouble at work because she was late, filed a complaint with the police and alleged that she was robbed by a taxi driver.

According to Creta Post, the incident occurred last Friday in Heraklion when the 27-year-old, having been significantly late to work, pretended that a taxi driver robbed her.

In fact, as she mentioned testified, that day she went to Kornarou Square and took a taxi. She claims that that the driver took her bag and left her the middle of the street.

She did not hesitate to mention that there were 200 euros in cash in her bag.

The police started the investigation, but from the first moment there was something in the girl's manner that did not convince them.

Finally during the preliminary investigation, they found that the complaint was false as everything she mentioned was not confirmed by the videos they collected from security camera's belonging to businesses in ​​Kornarou Square.

So, after intense pressure, the 27-year-old confessed that the complaint she made was not real. She said that she made this excuse to save herself from being in trouble at work as she was running late.

Now, the 27-year-old is facing justice for a false complaint.

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