Ten Subsidized Greek Air Routes to Remote Destinations Assigned to SKY express, Olympic Air

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Greek carriers SKY express and Olympic Air (a subsidiary of AEGEAN) will service ten state-subsidized air routes to remote destinations in Greece (unprofitable routes) for the next four years, following a tender process launched last August.

According to an announcement, SKY express will cover six domestic routes over the next four years and receive some 13.7 million euros. Olympic Air will operate four domestic routes for some 10.7 million euros.

The routes to be covered by the airline companies from February 2, 2023, to January 1, 2027, are the following:

SKY express: Athens–Astypalea, Athens–Syros, Athens–Kalymnos, Thessaloniki–Skyros, Alexandroupoli–Sitia and Aktio–Sitia.

Olympic Air: Athens–Leros, Athens–Skyros, Athens–Sitia and Thessaloniki–Limnos–Ikaria.

The Greek government is expected to launch soon a new tender for another six state-funded domestic routes to remote destinations.

Source http://news.gtp.gr Greek Travel Pages