SEI: India Can Seek Inspiration From Greece For Renewable Investments

Greece approves 2.8 GW of renewable energy projects india

According to the 59th edition of the Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI), India lost four ranks and is now the seventh most attractive country for renewable energy investments. In the 60th edition, India maintained its position, while other countries, including Greece, gained.

Sau Energy International (SEI) looked at some of the countries that became or remained the most attractive destinations for the renewable energy investments despite the Ukraine-Russia war and the unstable post-pandemic global economic order, and in which India can get inspiration from.

Greece, now ranked 16 after moving up five places, is one of the most attractive destinations for Renewable energy investments, according to SEI.

According to SAU, Greece was one of the markets "punching above its weight" and after GDP size adjustment, "Greece was second in renewable energy market attractiveness, second only to Morocco."

After listing several energy projects going on in Greece and the target of achieving 25GW of non-hydropower renewables energy capacity by 2025, SEI said the Mediterranean country is "attracting investors, thanks to its RE push."

"The peninsular country recently signed its first bilateral power purchase agreement with Axpo Group for a 100MW solar power porject. The market also announced in July that private equity fund the Macquirie Green Investment Group's Cero Generation will seek to add 1GW of renewable energy projects to its portfolio by 2025, and only for corporate PPAs."

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