TripAdvisor: Crete is the second best destination in the world for food in 2023, Athens third for culture

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The Greek presence is strong in the awards announced by TripAdvisor for 2023, with the best destinations in the world and in Europe.

Greece has a presence in the lists of the most popular destinations, the best food destinations, the best places for culture and the best destinations for natural scenery.

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In detail, Crete was named the second best destination in the world and in Europe for food and Athens the third best destination for culture in the world. Also, Crete was named the seventh most popular destination in the world and the fourth most popular destination in Europe.

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In the European list of the most popular destinations, first is London, second is Rome and third is Paris.

Rhodes was named the 12th most popular destination in Europe and Santorini the 15th most popular destination in Europe. In addition, Zakynthos was named the 17th best destination in the world for natural landscapes.

Navagio in Zakynthos tourism

It should be noted that every year, TripAdvisor analyses the millions of reviews submitted to its platform in the last 12 months from a global community of hundreds of millions of travelers.

This year, Travellers' Choice Destinations span six sub-categories: Popular Destinations, Trending Destinations, Best Dining Destinations, Best Skiing Destinations, Best Destinations for Natural Scenery Destinations and Best Destinations for Cultural Tourism.

In the Popular Destinations list, which presents the popular destinations of travelers overall from the past year, Dubai maintains the No. 1 position for the second year in a row. In detail, the best destinations for 2023 according to the users of the platform are the following:

Cuba is ranked #1 in the worldwide destinations that are fashionable to visit for 2023. This category reveals destinations with the largest annual increase in interest on TripAdvisor, indicating new areas that are on the rise.

Since the US eased some travel restrictions in May, and with the addition of new direct flight routes, the mood of travelers to Cuba has increased.

In second place follows Hoi An, in Vietnam and in third place is Mauritius. Asia is the top trending region in this category, accounting for half of the top 10 positions. Further, a debut for Junoof Alaska as the No. 1 trending destination in the United States for 2023.

A particularly topical category, with many travelers looking for ski trips, TripAdvisor reveals the best places to ski, according to those who hit the slopes in 2022. With its stunning scenery and distinct mountain culture, Whistler, Canada, is this year the No. 1 ski destination in the world.

New category for 2023 is the best destinations for natural landscapes. In this category, Mauritius ranks first. A tropical island paradise 1,200 miles off the coast of south-east Africa, Mauritius is home to waterfalls, wildlife areas and national parks, making it the perfect getaway for nature lovers.

Another new category this year is the best places for cultural pursuits and cultural activities. While each city has its own unique culture, this list reveals travelers' absolute favorite getaways. Fes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Morocco, tops the list.

Stathi Kousouni is a columnist for Travel.

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