Covid-19 hospital admissions and deaths increased in Greece

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Covid-19 hospital admissions, intubations and deaths increased in the week of January 9-15, said the National Public Health Organisation (EODY) in its weekly statistics report on Thursday.

Specifically, a total of 1,748 Covid-19 patients were admitted to hospitals during the week of January 9-15 (7% up compared to the previous week), namely 250 patients per day on average. In addition, 147 coronavirus patients were on ventilators on January 15.

There were also 186 deaths from Covid-19 during the week of January 9-15 (16% up from the previous week), with a median age of 85 years.

Regarding the spread of influenza in the community during the same week, EODY reported 2 new deaths and 5 severe cases of laboratory-confirmed influenza type A, which required these patients be treated in an ICU.

Overall, a total of 46 influenza patients have so far required treatment in ICUs, while a total of 12 people have died from it, said EODY.

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