Two-metre dolphin washed up dead in the Bay of Kavala

dolphin kavala

A dolphin, approximately two metres long, fell victim to the strong southerly wind that blew on Wednesday night in the bay of Kavala. As a result, the dolphin washed up on the beach of Nea Karvali, east of Kavala.

The unfortunate mammal was found dead by amateur fishermen in the area and they immediately informed the port authority and the Fisheries Research Institute (IN.ALE), based in Nea Peramos in the municipality of Pangaia, Proto Thema reported.

Aris Christidis, technologist agronomist, working at the Fisheries Research Institute and responsible for cetacean mammals, who was informed about the incident, clarified that it is an adult male bottlenose dolphin which was washed out of the sea on Wednesday.

As he said, these animals do not approach the coasts and live in the wider area of ​​the sea bay of Kavala, in particular behind Thassos.

They are do not entangled in nets because they feed in the deeps. Therefore, as he emphasises, they have no reason to go to the net.

dolphin kavala

dolphin kavala

"I could rule out this cause of death which is common for other cetaceans," underlined Christidis.

"These mammals live in large herds, which may count over 100 individuals, far from the coast, in clean (oligotrophic) waters and have a susceptibility to communicable diseases between them. Maybe this is the reason of death. Apparently the sick animal got tired."

This morning, the competent service of the municipality of Kavala collected the unfortunate mammal and took care of its disposal.

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