Thessaloniki: A fake doctor deceived patients with multiple sclerosis for more than 10 years

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The Thessaloniki Organised Crime Sub-Directorate is investigating a case involving a "fake doctor" from Athens, who is accused of persuading multiple sclerosis patients to try an "innovative treatment" with stem cell injections, resulting in five people losing their lives.

There are an estimated 15 victims of the physiotherapist posing as the doctor, and from all different regions of Greece. According to Proto Thema, the large investigation began - under extreme secrecy - after a complaint was made to the Thessaloniki police by a relative of a victim.

According to the report, the activity of the "fake doctor" allegedly started in 2009 and in recent years he managed to deceive dozens of patients, from whom he received huge sums of money in order to "treat" them, mainly with stem cell injections.

The man who introduced himself as a doctor - neurologist, seems to have been working with a doctor from Germany, a person who has also been investigated for some time by Greek police and is included in the case file.

From his illegal action, the "fake doctor" is estimated to have made over 1 million euros - but at the price of five people. He allegedly received 20,000 euros from his victims for just one injection.

During the investigation by the experienced officers of the Thessaloniki Organised Crime Directorate, samples of vials that he allegedly administered to patients were sent for laboratory analysis and it was found that they had absolutely no medicinal properties.

The case file includes acts of a criminal nature and the "fake doctor" will face charges of fraud and serial murder. At the same time, it is being investigated whether other persons are involved in the case.

"An investigation is underway by the Thessaloniki Security Directorate for a case of cheating patients with serious health problems, which resulted in the death of five of them. At the same time, the perpetrators obtained a large financial benefit," a police announcement said on Thursday night.

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