Nikos Vertis was evicted from the nightclub Orama in Thessaloniki

Nikos Vertis

Nikos Vertis was evicted from the nightclub Orama in Thessaloniki, where he performed for 20 years.

According to reports, for the last 8 years, the nightclub had been leased by a company of interests of the popular singer. As the decision of the Single-member Court of First Instance mentions, the nightclub was subleased to a number of companies that changed every summer, without the owners being aware.

In addition, the property was arbitrarily merged with an adjacent plot of land so that it could be used as a car park, Proto Thema.

The nightclubs operating license was revoked for the above reasons and a fine of 87,000 euros was imposed for illegal advertising. The investigation by the Authorities claims that before the eviction, in fact, great damage was done to the property as retaliation.

Mrs. Anthi Giourtzidou, lawyer for the owners of the property in question, spoke on the show "Super Katerina" and explained what exactly happened with the case.

"My clients are the owners of the property. They have nothing to do with companies of interest and collaborations with Nikos Vertis," said the lawyer.

"They bought the property in 2018 and from there, a fierce legal dispute began with Theama EPE, the singer's interest company, since there were damages from the abandonment of one of the two nightclubs he had rented," Giourtzidou continued.

“This is a huge 12-acre plot of land and on top of it is the 'Vision' and the 'Lido'. The Lido had been left to its own devices, in absolute disrepair, with the result that the owner has the right to evict the tenant for misuse of the lease, based on what the Civil Code says," he added.

"This is the decision 126/2023 of the Single-Member Court of First Instance of Thessaloniki issued on January 5, 2023, which obliges the two companies of Nikos Vertis to leave," the lawyer explained.

Finally, he clarified that the owners of the property had not entered into any agreement with the singer, as he claims.

"Everything I hear is a figment of Mr. Vertis' imagination. Nikos Vertis had not rented the space. I am referring to two companies of his interests, unless he means that these two companies are Nikos Vertis himself. They didn't sue the companies, they sued them, I sued for eviction," he said.

"I have in my hands messages from the lawyer of Mr. Vertis, Ms. Sigal Tavari, an Israeli lawyer, who literally threatened Mr. Moen Khouri, in order to keep Nikos Vertis' company on the payroll. Let them show us a document of delivery of the lease," the lawyer challenged.

"If the salary had been delivered, there could not have been a termination," Giourtzidou clarified in closing.

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