Arta: Bulgarian imposter defrauded €10,000 from an 84-year-old woman

Arta Epirus Bulgaria

Police arrested a woman from Bulgaria for defrauding an elderly woman of 10,000 euros in northwest Greece.

The scam took place on Saturday morning in Arta when the Bulgarian woman, who is believed to be part of a larger criminal network, called the elderly woman and convinced her to give her money by pretending to be a close relative of hers.

The elderly woman, after being convinced by the woman, followed her instructions and threw from the balcony of her house a bag with 10,000 euros, which was picked up by an unknown woman who was in charge of receiving the money.

According to the police, a member of the gang pretended to be a close relative of the victim and requested money for emergency surgery because she was allegedly injured in a serious traffic accident, or to avoid prosecution because she had caused a fatal traffic accident involving a young child.

In addition to the woman, three more cases of attempts to defraud citizens using the same methodology by members of the criminal group were identified.

The woman was arrested in the early hours of Sunday at the Serres border control during her attempt to escape to Bulgaria. 40 euros, 25 Bulgarian leva and two mobile phones were found in her possession and confiscated.

The arrested woman was brought to the Arta Security Department and then taken to the Arta Misdemeanor Prosecutor.

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