Greece expects to extend the tourism season in 2023

Kaimaktsalan snow ski resort greece tourism season

Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said that "in 2023 we will continue to work for the further extension of the tourism season with aim Greece to attract travellers throughout the year".

He said the article published in the Sunday newspaper Paron that the strategy for the promotion of new destinations, the opening to new markets, the attraction of big spenders and the promotion of city breaks have bore fruit.

Referring to the development of the travel industry, the minister underlined that the upgrading of Greece's tourism product turned Greece into a strong pole of attraction for international giants that invest in major hotels, tourist ports and thematic parks.

"In parallel, the government uses funds from the Recovery Fund, from ΝSRF and Public Investment Programme, has launched works and infrastructures that will significantly contribute to the tourist and economic growth of the country", Kikilias said.

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