The paradoxical weather of Greece: Snow in Metsovo, swimming in Rhodes

greece metsovo rhodes winter

Is it the middle of winter in Greece? Or perhaps its a faux summer? Greece is currently experiencing a paradoxical weather phenomenon as it snows in one part of the Mediterranean country but is warm is one enough in another for people to swim!

In Metsovo, whose visitors to the mountain town can enjoy the snow, as the photo from Forecast Weather shows. The temperature is a maximum of 3 degrees, while according to the Meteo, the temperature feels more like 0 degrees Celsius.

Light snowfall is expected from 20:00 in the evening, a phenomenon that will intensify throughout the night.


Meanwhile, the picture is different in sunny Rhodes, where the temperature reaches 16 degrees Celsius and the sun was clear. As a result, as can be seen in the Proto Thema video from the Dodecanese island, there were quite a few who rushed to swim at the beach!

It is even impressive that their swimwear was worn by people of all ages.

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