A rare Hummer H1 for sale in Greece


Hummer has stopped making vehicles exclusively under its brand name. The exception is the GMC Hummer EV, which is now electric and has nothing to do with the old Hummers that were equipped with beastly engines.

Initially, the American brand made its appearance in military vehicles, but the indirect advertising made through television films and Hollywood stars (e.g. Arnold Schwarzenegger) resulted in the civilian version of the Hummer.

A total of three different Hummers were released, the H1, H2 and H3. The most.. affordable and small was the H3, which was unlike the other two that had huge engines and needed a gas station to move.

1 of 11,818

The H1 launched in 1992 was a "Spartan" vehicle with large dimensions and a design reminiscent of a military vehicle. A total of 11,818 Hummer H1s were built from 1992 to 1995 (324,373 Hummers built in total).

This particular one was available as a Pick-up with two doors/seaters or four doors/seaters while there was also a closed version.

It was intended for a fire truck

With such reduced production, the H1 is considered a rare vehicle all over the world, and even more so in Greece. However, there is an unreleased H1 available for sale in a Pick-up version.

It is a red Hummer from 1997 which was imported to Greece to be added to the fleet of Fire Department vehicles, which ultimately did not happen.

For almost 25 years it was abandoned in a warehouse, when its owners made the decision to sell it. As you can see in the relevant ad (click HERE), its price reaches 125,000 euros, an amount that we would say is conservative in the international market.

10 31

11 12

12 14

With two tanks

This particular H1 is equipped with a V8 diesel engine with a capacity of 6.5 litres, produces 200 horsepower and has a 4-speed automatic transmission. The length is close to 4.7 metres, the width reaches 2.2 metres, while the height is almost two metres.

Impressive is its weight approaching 2.9 tons! With this engine the consumption is very high and for this reason the H1 has two fuel tanks. The basic holds 94.6 liters of diesel and the spare 64.4 litres.

In conclusion, this is a used vehicle in new condition that is only intended for collectors and those who know what they want to buy.

Watch the video with this particular rare Hummer H1 for sale in Greece!

Vassilis Sarimbalides is a columnist for News Auto.

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