Rio–Antirrio Bridge: Furious tourists complain that the toll is more expensive than New York

Rio–Antirrio Bridge Rio–Antirrio Bridge

The Rio–Antirrio Bridge, or officially the Charilaos Trikoupis Bridge, is the longest multi-span cable-stayed bridge in the world and has a continuous and fully suspended deck of 2,252 metres.

The bridge holds a place in the Guinness Book of World Records and has the deepest bridge foundations in the world at 60 metres below sea level. The bridge is a great edifice, designed to endure where other designs would have failed.

A major mistake during its construction may have completely changed the plans of the engineers, but the bridge was completed on time and since 2004, millions of travelers have crossed it.

Of course, not everyone was equally satisfied though.

Rio Bridge

More specifically, if someone takes a look at the Google user ratings for the bridge, they will see that its overall rating is 4.6 out of 5.

A pretty high score one might say, only that it is ruined from a near perfect score by some angry reviews, as highlighted by Gazetta, from foreign visitors who were quite displeased by the price of its tolls, but also by the fact that they could not easily cross it on foot or by bike.

“As a traveler from Athens to Corfu and back I highly find the experience of your bridge quite disrespectful to the needs and wants of the travelers. For our trip Athens-Corfu we were looking a way to go up to the bridge and after 2 failed attempts we made it.

"There's no sign and if there is it fails pointing the direction to the bridge. Now, from Corfu to Athens we wanted to go back with the ferry boat. Alas! There was no street sign pointing, again, 'Port' or 'Bridge'.

"The road leads directly to the bridge, without any prior notice. Shame on you for not paying respect to us, the travelers. And we were not the only ones. We have the options and you don't give us directions. I see no modern bridge here!"

....1 58

"SCAM.... overhyped and we paid 14 euros toll for no reason. There is no place to park or click pictures. AVOID IT if you are visiting after seeing 'things to do in Patras'."

2 32

"13.70 euro's to go over No sign when you go first over the bridge for the amount. Total 27.40 euro for crossing the bridge to go back again."

3 32

"We booked hotel so we could see the bridge in night and were so disappointed because the lights were off."

4 26

"Is more expensive than New York's bridges and tunnels."

5 36

Too expensive for a two min. Ride. Never again.

6 14

"13.50 euros to travel by car (one war)... Ridiculous..".

7 18

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