Horror in Kos: Pakistani man admitted to raping an 8-year-old in a field

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The case of an 8-year-old boy falling victim to a 23-year-old Pakistani rapist, who confessed to his act, is causing consternation in Kos.

In front of the court of first instance, the 23-year-old admitted to committing in 2019 what he is accused of, however, he apologised and stated that he will not do it again.

The case will be tried on February 6 by the Mixed Jury Court of Appeal of Dodecanese despite the incident taking place in the summer of 2019.

In particular, the perpetrator was accused of rape and sexual acts with a minor under the age of 12, acts for which on January 12, 2021 the Mixed Jury Court of Rhodes, "adopting" the prosecution's proposal, unanimously found him guilty, without recognising any mitigating factors.

Thus the 23-year-old was sentenced to 10 years in prison for rape (the judges voted against asking for a sentence of 12 years in prison), but with an additional charge was sentenced to 15 years in prison, without the appeal having suspensive force, in total.

The 23-year-old filed an appeal against this decision, according to the local website I Rodiaki.

The Pakistani is accused of taking the minor to a field near the island's police station on July 19, 2019. and then threatening to kill him. He then threw the child face down on the ground, immobilised him and raped him whilst gagging him.

The man of Pakistani origin was arrested and charged with a felony, resulting in his remand.

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